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New ways to move

New yoga and movement practices (mobility, strength training) every month. Already 60+ videos to catchup with. 

Weekly live classes

Enjoy live sessions up to 3 times a week. Plus, with catchup available, you'll never miss a session! 

Guided meditation

Providing powerful shifts for mind and body, our meditation corner is a non negotiable. 

Workshops & challenges

An opportunity to dig deeper into holistic wellbeing as a whole.

Including beginners challenges, sleep management, the chakra system and more.

Find what feels good...

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Explore yin, vinyasa, restorative flows and so many more ways to move. 
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Get to know the roots of your practise.
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Improve your sleep, connect deeper to yourself or find deep relaxation.
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Expand your toolbox with a variety of new skills and techniques

Reviews from our community  

Millie has a wonderful approach to the whole self and it shows in her practise. Genuinely one of my favourite yogis and I've not stopped telling my friends about her. Love and light.
Just done the restorative flow - Back focused... been suffering with a back injury for a couple of months and this was just perfect, really got me moving in the right way. Amazing.
Love Millie's online classes, I always feel so relaxed and calm after. I cannot recommend Millie's classes enough.

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Hey, Its Millie here

How I was inspired to Start & Teach Yoga

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Amidst personal struggles with mental well-being, yoga became my beacon, guiding me on a transformative journey inward, both physically and emotionally.

Through teaching, I now aspire to ignite that same spark in others. Empowering them to champion their own health and well-being. Whilst also reminding everyone of the power they hold.

Every breath, stretch, and balance taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

Now, I'm honoured to share this transformative experience with you!

With the ultimate goal of helping you live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

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